Vichy shower bed massage European style

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European style vichy shower bed massage

MX-S1dvichy shower bed water massage

vichy shower bed water massage



European style vichy shower bed massage  based on Italian advanced technology of High-Pressure Water-Fluctuation,

combined High-pressure fluctuating Spa with high-tech energy phototherapy,

which can make the essential oil as well as marine mineral mud act on deep tissue to get the effect of activating cells ,

improving blood circulation ,accelerating metabolism as well as oxygen content, lymphatic detoxification,slimming ,

reshaping , and fitness.also it has good effect in inhibiting the generation of the pimple and blemishes,improving the dark skin.

Vichy shower Specification:

47 high-pressure jets

12 high-pressure top water jets(can move from top to base)

6 programmable vibrating massage programs

Internal&External water circulation for skin-whitening&herbal treatment

Photon Treatment

Thailand style shampoo

Water self-purging

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spa salon use rain vichi shower

spa salon use rain vichi shower

vichy shower



1.Beneficial elements in water can be absorbed by body through SPA, heat energy, kinetic energy, molecular energy which are created from water flow act on deep tissue to massage the skin ,which be called hydrodynamical massage   .

2.Benefited from the hypertonicity of hydrodynamical massage,the heat and pressure are be delivered into the deep tissue and spread around , then ease the nerves, revive and refresh

3.One feature of hydrodynamical massage is high frequency, different frequencies massage different body sites,which is called Three – Dimensional Massage

4.Another feature of hydrodynamical massage is its wide massaging coverage.hydrodynamical massage has these functions: dredging the meridian, speeding up the blood return, improving the blood supply, promoting gastric peristalsis,easing constipation,easing pain ,accelerating constriction of slack muscles, Improving the rough skin, enhancing skin elasticity, improving the situation of lower blepharoplasty and dark circles, improving the metabolism ,slimming and cultivating your mind…


The advantages of the hydrodynamical massage against traditionary massage as follows: uniform intensity of hydrodynamical massage prevents damaging nerves and blood vessels ,you can relax and have a rest during the treatment.



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