Luxury Spectrum Therapy Sauna Steam SPA Capsule

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Luxury Spectrum Therapy Sauna Steam SPA Capsule

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Luxury Spectrum Therapy Sauna Steam SPA Capsule

Entirely Computer control Big fluorescence dynamic display panel mounted on the tub, which is easy to read the temperature, timer,

and strength of vibration, simply operate with intelligent computerized control.

Steam Bath It can increase of blood & lymph circulation, detoxification, sauna effect to increase perspiring, recommended for slimming.

And the ozone helps whitening and shiny the skin.

Aroma and herbal treatment (Essential oil is optional) Combining with aroma or herbal for treatment has more therapeutic benefit and optimum effect.

Spectrum therapy Spectrum therapy improves the metabolism and regeneration of body cells, works on different type skin.

Acupoint Physical Therapy Massage There are 58 massage rubber points, which set inside the SPA Unit

and arranged to stimulate 58 physical acupoints cover the different parts of user’s body

Breeze for face Normally people who are in a sauna after an extended amount of time feel uncomfortable because the air is too hot to breath.

This unit only covers the body and the head is exposed and the built in fan provides an ionic cool refreshing breeze.

Ozone Sterilize It comes with ozone for sterilize. Recommended use after every treatment.

Music Relaxing With Mp3 player, eliminates fatigue, and rejuvenating the body and soul.

Details of Luxury Spectrum Therapy Sauna Steam SPA Capsule

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Luxury Spectrum Therapy Sauna Steam SPA Capsule Parameter:

Power source

Voltage: 110 – 220V

Power Consumption: 1300W

Maximum steam temperature:

Maximum inner fiberglass temperature:

Gross weight: 72 / 68 kgs

Packing size: 133*85*142cm


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