Professional Pressotherapy 2 In 1 Infrared Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine

Model No: MX-P36


Professional Pressotherapy 2 In 1 Infrared Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine

Professional Pressotherapy 2 In 1

Principle features


Circulation De-toxin Instrument can promote lymph fluid circulation and eliminate waste matter from the body. It applies air pressure, heat and low frequency electro stimulation. With the help of this instrument, beautician can adopt circulation, massage, turning, traction and other basic techniques to help client speed up lymphatic circulation and excretion and drain away the waste  from body.

Air pressure applies soft air pressure to make massage to body, it won’t cause any harm or uncomfortable feeling to body.
Meanwhile, the airbag pressure effect in the abdomen for 30 minutes is equivalent to 150 sit-ups in the amount of exercise.
Far infrared heat can effectively smooth body meridians, promote blood reconciliation, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain.
Low frequency   electro massage and deep electro stimulation can promote blood circulation and lymphatic circumfluence, consume
excessive calories, dissolve and transform fat, so as to achieve weight loss, body slim and cellulite reduction.

This instrument is able to help client promote blood, lymph and tissue liquid circulation in the body so as to detoxify and lose weight and regulate endocrine by fastening airbags to client’s abdomen, arms, thighs and legs and feet to certain time periods of circular inflation and deflation

infrared pressotherapy

 Lymphatic Drainage machine

Main Efficacy:

I.Weight loss

1. Low frequency electro pulse current causes strong muscle tremors and contractions, consuming and dissolving a mass of fat
cells. Electro pads therapy on meridian points help to regulate the meridians of internal organs’ functions, inhibit fat intake
and promote fat catabolism and discharge.

2. Infrared thermal radiation directly act on the adipose tissue, dissolve and liquefy fat cells; accelerate blood and lymph
circulation, promote metabolism, decompose and consume a large amount of fat cells; increase local tissue temperature, expand of
pores, sweat much, make the water inside of fat cells enter into Blood to reduce the size of fat cells.

3. Airbags’ regular inflation and deflation as well as constantly changing pressure will cause fat cells unceasingly friction,
dissociation and crack.

II.Beautify body and skin

Gentle bionic current stimulates sensory nerve endings below epidermis, contract the skin pores, so that the slack wrinkling skin
become more compact, delicate and elastic.

III.Relax and boost the immune

1. Accelerate blood circulation.
2. Infrared heat can reduce tension and relax muscles.
3. Stimulate absorption of medicine, enhancing curative effect.

Lymph massaging drainage Air pressure pressotherapy machine


Lymph De-toxin, Improve Lymphatic Drainage, Lymph massaging drainage
Body shaping, Against Cellulite, Fatty Deposits and Fluid Retention
Detoxify, Body slimming;
Body shapes; Tone body muscles;
Accelerate metabolism , Activate Blood Circulation
Physical treatment for lymphatic;
Fat dissolution, Reduce “Orange Line”
Lose weight for legs, relax the whole body
Air pressure de-toxin , beautifying body and skin
Lymph drainage, body slimming
Skin pressure optionally of a chamber
Reduce Edema or Swelling
Reduce Pressure, Relax Body and Mind ,Relaxation for the whole body and cellulites reducing.
Physical therapy to care muscle and nerve diease
Ease the liver strain and unknown pain


1) The machine is very simple to operate, very convenient and clear.
2) Supper airbag design, in total, there are up to 20 airbags wrapped the body so that it can make sure every single parts of body
could be felt the process of pressing.
3) Air pressure slimming suit (for arms, legs, waist) made of special material-light & soft, and further more they are easy to
dress well, to clean well, and much pretty durable.
4) Extra large pump provide speedy air pressure massage.
5) 4 output channels for connection, different combination of airbags massage optional.
6) 3 levels of strength adjust suit for different users.
7) Different massage mode optional, freely rhythm adjustment, more comfortable

Screen :

Air pressure pressotherapy machine  Improve Lymphatic Drainage

suit and parts : 

lymphdrainage presoterapia suit ymphatic drainage pressotherapy machine professional lymphatic drainage pressotherapy machine

pressotherapy machine body full


airbag Total 20pcs
Arm 4pcs
Waist(belt) 4pcs
leg 8pcs
Foot 4pcs
EMS slimmer 5 pairs
Infrared heating 5 pair
Color Blue,grey,orange,purple
size XL,size can be adjusted
Voltage 100-240V/60-50Hz
Watt 230W
Air pressure output 50/Min
Max pressure 240mmHg
Working mode four total


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