24 Chambers Lymph Drainage Weight Loss Pressotherapy Machine

Model No: MX-P15


24 Chambers Lymph Drainage Weight Loss Pressotherapy Machine

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lymphatic drainage pressotherapy machine

Principle features


 This Weight Loss Pressotherapy Machine with a set of cloth-like accessory and 24 pieces of air bags,   which allows for pressure by cycles or all-together for both the whole body   and certain parts of the body, is a compression system designed to increase   the venous and lymphatic flow and enhance extra-cellular fluid clearance.It   is highly recommended for the treatment of cellulite, which is a safe   alternative to liposuction. It relieves pain and swelling, and provides   immediate comfort. It redefines the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing   skin tone.

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Screen  :

Lymphdrainage Drainage Pressotherapy Body Weigh Loss Machine

lymphatic drainage massage pressotherapy body slimming presoterapia pressotherapy machine infrared pressotherapy machine price

Pressotherapy Suit and Parts :


pressotherapy suit ymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine professional lymphatic drainage pressotherapy machine 3 in 1 lymph drainage pressotherapy device



Cellulite reduction
Stronger immune system
Weight loss
Edema reduction
Tissue regeneration
Toned and firm skin
Relaxed muscles

What is Lymphatic drainage ?

Lymphatic drainage helps to remove toxins and metabolic waste from the circulatory system and from the muscle tissues .Lymphaticdrainage is also known for stimulating blood flow, Which can reduce swelling, puffiness, cellulite, fluid retention
,bloating, fatigue and prevents the development of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.
How does it work ?
It uses an air pressure machine to inflate a suit that squeezes your arms,legs,or abdomen in a rhythmic motion,similar to a
massage .Lymphatic drainage massage like pressotherapy can also reduce the appearance of cellulite and release fluid in the lymph nodes which may build up after surgery or after certain cancer treatments .
This is a great add-on to our ultrasound liposuction treatments,as it enhances circumferential weight loss and cellulite


Material Plastic, ABS & Stainless Steel
air suit color Grey&Blue
airbags Total 24pcs
Arm airbags  8 pcs
waist  airbags  8 pcs
 legs airbags 12 pcs
Air pressure output 50L/Min
 Max pressure 240mmHg
Working mode 7 modes



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