Germany Tda Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline Water Mesotherapy Gun

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Germany Tda Vanadium Titanium Microcrystalline Water Mesotherapy Gun

How does Seyou TDA work?

The use of high-end equipment to water molecules rich in hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, minerals,

skin trace elements and nutrients, therapeutic drugs using nano-micro-hyaluronic acid, combined with

unique needleless transdermal technology Skin cell nutrition to 450 m / s (the world’s fastest) to spray, the

release of nutrition layer by layer, with water, enhance, whitening, improve wrinkles and damaged skin and

other multiple effects.

After use, full face full of tight, supple feeling. So you have a bright and smooth skin like the stars, to

solve the problem of lack of moisture in the dermis layer, to improve the small wrinkles, bring significant


What can Seyou TDA do?

It removes wrinkles, fills the skin with hyaluronic acid, improves oxygen supply to the cells, increases

hydration and elasticity of the skin, removes reddening (rosacea) and acne and soothes the complexion.

1.Suit everyone and address all skin care needs

2.supersonic speed technology

3. Nano-nutrients can be easy absorbed

4. Safe ,No invasive , no surgery, no downtime

5. Hydrating facial without needles of any kind

6. After a treatment effect is obvious

What is the process of the treatment and how many treatments are needed?

It is advisable to come for the treatment without make-up. Men need not shave if they have only stubble. The procedure is preceded by peeling using a special sapphire instrument, which is used to remove dead cells. Then the head is progressively applied to the face, neckline, the area around the eyes and lips, in a process in which particles of active substances are injected at supersonic speed and under high pressure. There are no contraindications for this type of treatment, either before or after the treatment. In the first phase, it is advisable to undergo the treatment at least 6-8 times per month, and then have one treatment per month for the purpose of replenishing the substances into the skin.



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