Factory Price Touch Screen Full Body 44 Chambers Pressotherapy Machine

Product Model: MX-P34


  Touch Screen Full Body 44 Chambers Pressotherapy Machine

pressotherapy equipment


Principal of the 3D digital detoxify instruments :

The inventions of 3D digital detoxify instruments(44 chambers pressotherapy machine ) have been brought the air pressure body slimming suit a completely new breakthrough. 3D means: 3 modes, 3 pressures, 3 positions for option, according to digital technology control program, the air pressure body slimming suit (including air pressure cloth, pants, shoes, belt) in total at 44 airbags  distributed in each of the parts of the body to push, knead, squeeze, press under different modes, different pressure, different position, It is very simple to operate, completely a dull mechanical massage operation. From now on, you do not need to have a complex and painful exercise to keep your slim and healthy, having a 3D digital detox, slimming body, health equipment, you can enjoy a marvelous healthy treatments at anytime, anywhere, just like having a professional master offering you a pleasant massage. The feeling is amazing

 pressotherapy suit


this is the main function of the machine 

1) The large digital tube could display each operation modes, very simple to operate, very convenient and clear.

2) The digital technology control could offer many humane modes option for different light people, different weight people, different fast people, different slow people via controlling time, orientation, position, pressure.

3) Supper airbag design, in total, there are up to 44 airbags wrapped for whole body , so that it can make sure every single parts of body could be felt the process of pressing.

4)  What ever parts, whole body, single or double, the instruments can be used simultaneously.

5) Air pressure slimming suit (cloth, pants, shoes, belt) made of special material-light & soft, and further more they are easy to dress well, to clean well, and much pretty durable.



pressotherapy 48 chambers

pressotherapy apparatus

professional pressotherapy machine presoterapia pressotherapy machine

Suit :

44 airbags  suit 

Arm:16 pcs airbags (left arm 8 pcs + right arm 8 pcs)

Waist: 4 pcs airbags

Leg: 24 pcs airbags(left leg 12pcs + right leg 12pcs ).

pressotherapy lymph drainage pants apparatus for pressotherapy


Technical Parameter:

Plastic, ABS & Stainless Steel
Target Area
Lips, Legs/Arms, Decollete, Body
1 Year
air suit color
16 airbags
8 airbags
4 airbags
16 airbags
4 airbags
one year for machine
80 watts
200-240V/50Hz ,100-120V/60Hz
Min Pressure
120 mmHg
Max pressure
Working mode
11 models


We Can Customize Suit When Your Order More Than 10 Set.

and we can print logo and customized box for you . 

pressotherapy machine body full


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