8 in 1 hyperbaric water dermabrasion oxygen infusion oxygen jet peel machine

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8 in 1 hyperbaric water dermabrasion facial skin tightening oxygen infusion facial rejuvenation oxygen jet peel machine


1) Main Machine

a)Air system: Build in a unique and stable air system.With stable output , and will not affect by external factors ( like voltage etc.),

it will protect the parts inside the machine and extend it’s life.
b)High-speed water ion system : Water ion known as “ air vitamins “ , can active the cell ,improve the allergic cortex ,

strength the skin resistance and so on.
c)Two control system for solutions.
d)Microcurrent: 5Khz ,40V efficient output power.
d) High quality heat abstractor , higher reliability and most safe
e) Quick pull and plug connector, it makes the connection more easy

2)High pressure Oxygen Jet peel
a) Unique changeable jet peel heads with different nozzles
b)Ergonomic design ,reducing the operator’s fatigue after long-time use.
c)Atomization uniform ,diameter of water ion is <=50μm.

d)Adjustable spray pressure

3) Hydro dermabrasion

a) Unique appearance design

b) 100Kpa stronger vacuum suction power

c) Different vortex hydro tips

d) Recyclable water water system

c) Auto-alarm system

a)Ergonomic design, reducing the operator’s fatigue after long-time use.
b)Insulated plastic handle, more safer.
c)304 stainless steel tips, anti-cosmetic corrosion.

5) PDT light
a)Ergonomic arc design.
b)360 degree rotation, can adjust the height as you want.
c) Spectrum focusing lens, reducing the loss of light energy.
d) Four kinds of different wavelengths cold light physicotheray system. Focusing lens , effectively reducing the loss of light energy , makes the light fully active on our skin.
And 7 PDT photon colors you can choose freely6) 1mhz ultrasonic body massage head & 1mhz ultrasinic face lift/massage head
a) It works 1-3 million times per second. The ultrasonic wave could stimulate skin tissue and improve permeability of the membrane to promoted collagen tissue, reduced wrinkle and invisible appeared fine line, also lift the skin result for younger

and healthy look. Ultrasonic generate frictional heat which accelerate blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and decompose

the cellulite to bread down exceed fat. This machine utilizes sonic vibrations to reduce lines, leaving the skin firm and smooth.

7) Oxygen spray
a) Adjustable spray pressure
b) 304 stainless steel material
c) Mist spray with large volume
d) Air tight and stable

8) Oxygen injection
a) 304 stainless steel material
b) Without bad smell



1) Hydra facial / hydro-dermabrasion

2) Jet peel 3) Microcurrent 4) Nutrition sprayer

5) Ultrasound for eyes 6) Ultrasound for face 7) Oxygen injection 8) PDT

Vacuum Power

1 bar Max

Oxygen jet vacuum

0-4 bar

Max Output

350 VA

Operation Control

10.4” Screen Control


1) Hydradermabrasion handle with 8 tips

2) Spray gun 1 pc & Oxygen injector 1 pc

3) Microcurrent 1 pcs

4) Ultrasound for eyes 1 pc & ultrasound for face 1pc

5) PDT 1 pc

6) Jet peel 1 pc ( with 4pcs different pins tips )


110VAC/60Hz; 220VAC/50Hz

Packing Size

78*52*117 cm3

Gross Weight



1Year / 12 Months



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