7 IN 1 Hydra Dermabrasion H2O2 Aqua Facial Beauty Machine

Product ID : OJ-SPA21


7 IN 1 Hydra Dermabrasion H2O2 Aqua Facial Beauty Machine



Product name:H2O2 Hydra Oxygen Skin Care Oxyhydrogen Facial Deep Cleansing Machine

Voltage:110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Vacuum rage:80kpa

Ultrasonic frequency:1 MHz/2W/cm2

RF Frequency:1MHz, bipolar

Ion Lifting:500hz ( Digital Ion Lifting)

Noise Level:45DB

Display:8 inch LCD Touch screen


1. Hydra Water Facial Cleaner Aqua Peel

Improve stain, color sink, shrink pores, dark skin, yellowish, blackheads, deep cleansing, toning, enhance

skin elasticity, luster, tender skin, etc.

2. Ultrasound

Through 1 million to 3 million vibrations, the essence penetrates deep into the skin, gently massages cells,

promotes metabolism, increases cell viability, and improves blood and lymph circulation.

3. Skin Scrubber vibration cleaning

Whitening, dead skin, blackhead removal,

4. BIO Microcurrent

Improves fine lines on the eyes, enhances firmness, and brightens eyes

5. Cold Hammer

Shrinks pores, tightens skin, removes wrinkles, promotes collagen hyperplasia, eliminates redness and sensitivity, and fades dark circles and bags under the eyes.

6. Hydrogen Oxygen( H2O2) Spray Gun

Combining with essence, the instrument produces oxy-hydrogen, which can be quickly penetrated into the dermis through high pressure injection.

7. LED mask with 7 colors

The red light (Red-630nm)

The blue light (Blue-470nm)

The green light (Green-520nm)

The yellow light (Yellow-590nm)

The Purple light (purple)

The cyanine light(cyanine)

The Laser light (White)


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