Vacuum therapy massage breast enlargement machine and hip lift machine

Product Model: MX-M6


Vacuum therapy massage breast enlargement and hip lift machine

massage breast enlargement machine

Principal ofVacuum therapy massage breast enlargement machine 

1.Vacuum: Vacuum therapy massage breast enlargement machine Connect capillary congestion, stimulate organs, enhance cell viability, improve the body’s immunity.
2.Far infrared:

Produced by thermal stimulation, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism and tissue nutrition, conductive to
the absorption of nutrients.
3.Anion function:

it can penetrate the subcutaneous tissue seven millimeters, combined with deep tissue massage to make blood flow, dredge breast, oxygen and nutrient delivery to the breast, and strengthen the connective tissue of the breast, stimulate breast growth and development. Promote uterine contractions, tightening the skin elastic fibers and prevent skin tissue loose, decentralized.
4. High-frequency massage:

Promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, enhance the body cell viability.

vacuum therapy machine


1. The vacuum pump can absorb fat particle and liquid, and then make them enter breast tissue and cells, finally let breast more develop.

2. Expel toxin and purify lymphatic system, refine skin pore, re-build skin, improve micro-circulation, enhance collagen elasticity, lift drooping muscle, resist Wrinkle, activate skin, remove eye bag and double jaw, eliminate wrinkle, and treat

3. Stimulate pituitary to product hormone, enhance muscle tissue elasticity and fiber, resume breast elasticity and softness, lift
and develop breast, improve breast shape, improve suck nipple, stabilize treatment effect.

4. Expedite fatty acid transformation, safely and effectively remove excessive fat, reduce weight, slim body, eliminate excessive
fat on belly, improve leg shape, firm up skin, lymphatic detoxification, treat cellulite, improve buttocks to realize perfect body

12 cups working together at same time

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How To Use

1.Standing in front of the mirror and using the detector to inspect breasts by yourself in the dark room.

2.Getting close to the skin under the breast, turn on the detector, you will see the red light and breast structure in the form of bright&dark illustration, the vein will be showed in black lines.

3.Move slowly the detector to check whole breast.

4.Observe the breast tissue above the armpit and upper breast.

5.Turn off the machine after finish, if you use the matched cream, please clean it on the probe.

vacuum massage therapy breast vacuum therapy machine for breast


Treatment: 1-3 months for one treatment, one time for one day, 20-30 min for one time(15 min for the first time, then add the time according to the customers’ standing ability.

Care the breast and butt The first stage:

Once every two days, and 20 min for one time, 8-days.

The second stage:

Once every four days, 20-25 min for one time, 8-10 days.

Once for every week after the first and second stages, can keep the result for long time, and prevent some disease.





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