2 In 1 PHYSIO MAGNETO And NIRS Physical Rehabilitation Magnetotherapy Machine

Model: SK-NEO


2 In 1 PHYSIO MAGNETO And NIRS Physical Rehabilitation Magnetotherapy Machine

portable magnetotherapy device


 PHYSIO MAGNETO And NIRS Physical Rehabilitation Magnetotherapy Machine Integrated Two Applicators

Unique Design of Applicators combination

Physio Magneto ‘s ring type coil applicator applies pulsed electromagnetic field and transducer high intensity field pulse into body tissues, which can speedup the healing process of sport injuries, chronic pains and degenerative joint diseases.

NIRS= near infrared spectroscopy.

lt is a spectrum that can penetrate deep into the muscle tissues.Good therapeutic effect can be obtained from infrared irradiation.
PHYSIO MAGNETO NEO combine NIRS and magneto therapy for better results and shorter course in the treatments.

magnetoterapia magnetotherapy


3 different wavelength, 16pcs (4*4) NIRs lights
Promotes wound healing and tissue repair
Supports collagen production
Reduces swelling and inflammation
Improves joint health
Improves physical performance
Helps sport injury muscle recovery
Pain relief with analgesic effect
Decreases muscle spasm


Electromagnetic Pulsed Super Transduction
Degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis (knees, hips, hands shoulders, elbows)
Pain treatment (Chronic pain) include back pain, lumbago, tension.
Sports injuries, tendon overuse.
Chronic inflammation of tendons and joints.

magnetotherapy magnetic therapy device magnetotherapy rehabilitation physical emtt therapy machine device magnetotherapy


Upgraded integrated applicators
Pain-free 2-in-1 therapy
Upgraded holding arm
Hands-free therapy More stable and flexible in position holding arm
Upgraded software
Two functions can work together or separately
Upgraded frequency
Faster pulse in MT mode- max to 100Hz

 PHYSIO MAGNETO And NIRS Physical Rehabilitation Magnetotherapy Machine Advantage:

1. Combine magneto therapy and infrared therapy
2. Combine shallow and deeper penetration in magneto therapy
3. Perfect combination with shockwave therapy
4. Smart and intuitive system
5. Hands-free treatment 6. Pain-free treatment
7. Touch-free treatment
8. No consumable
9. Non-stop running

portable magnetotherapy equipment portable physical rehabilitation magnetotherapy magnetotherapy apparatus magnetotherapy and electrostimulation magnetotherapy rehabilitation back massager magnetotherapy


Field strength at the coil : 4T
Performance of the the field : 92T/S
Oscillation frequncy in ST mode:  1000-3000Hz
Oscillation frequncy in MT mode : 1-100Hz
Water cooling system Water:  2.5L
Near infrared:  940NM/640NM/620NM

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