Ipl skin rejuvenation machine with laser hair removal

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Ipl skin rejuvenation machine with laser hair removal

ipl skin rejuvenation machine

Technical Principles

IPL Hair Removal Handle

1. ipl skin rejuvenation machine with laser hair removal function Scope: Permanent hair removal, indecent hairs throughout the body (growing hairs), including lighter hairs.
2 Magneto-optic hair removal is a latest long-term hair removal technology. The filtered strong pulse light is easily absorbed by
the melanin in the hair and hair follicles and converted into heat energy. The heat energy quickly heats the hair shaft and hair
follicles when the temperature reaches 60 degrees. The above causes the hair to be delayed, thinned, and lightened until it does
not grow.
3. Safety: Based on the use of IPL technology, combined use of energy with a depth of 15mm allows melanocytes that directly act
on hair follicles to absorb more energy, so for small, light-colored, even golden, white hair All have very good results.

Nd Yag laser technology

Using the gem-adjusting Q mode, using the instantaneous emission of high energy to effectively break the
pigment in the diseased tissue. That is, the principle of photo-blasting: the accumulated high-energy instant emission causes th irradiated pigment particles to absorb energy and then expand and rupture, and a part of the cracks become more tiny particles excreted, and some are excreted by the human body through the lymphatic system, thereby removing the pigment. The surrounding normal tissue does not absorb the pulsed light of 1064 and 532nm, thus maintaining the integrity of the cell frame, and there is no condition for scar formation; therefore, the maximum degree of safety is guaranteed to be plagued by complications after use. Other methods are unmatched.

3 probes for different functions

532nm: Colorful tattoos, like red and green, usually for eyebrows, freckle, nevus etc.
1064nm: Dark color tattoos or pigment, like black and blue.
1320nm: Black Doll Treatment for skin rejuvenation, shrink pores and skin cleansing.


2in1 hair removal laser

ipl skin rejuvenation machine


ipl skin rejuvenation machine


laser hair removal machine

pigmentation removal

Range of application

1. Permanent hair removal

2. Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, pigment removal

3. Improve the skin texture, so that the skin smooth, delicate, and enhance skin elasticity

4. Improve dark, so that the skin white, uniform color

5. Pigment therapy (freckles and sunburn)

6. Acne treatment

7. Vascular treatment

8. Face lifting, tightening skin

9. Removal eyebrow, tattoo

10. Black doll skin rejuvenation

picosecond laserpico laser tattoo removal machines

picosecond laseripl machine



Intense pulsed light



Spot Size




Pulse width


SHR frequency


Laser Wavelength


Laser Type

Q-Swith Nd:YAG

Laser Energy


Laser Frequency


Play Screen

10-inch color touch screen

cooling system

Water-cooled + semiconductor refrigeration + air-cooled




AC220V /110V


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