Professional 2 in 1 Facial steamer with magnifying light

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Professional Facial Steamer with Hot and Cold Spray Ozone Magnifying Lamp Portable Beauty Machine


facial steamer with magnifying light

Sprayer plus cold light lamp magnifying glass two-in-one beauty instrument, hot spray can open pores, deep cleaning, cold light lamp magnifying glass uses the magnifying glass of the optical lens and the soft light of the cold light tube to more clearly observe the skin texture, is beauty and lines Effective tool for embroidery. One machine, two functions, high cost performance, is an indispensable tool for beauty salons.


1) Intenerate the necrotic skin cells for cleaning in the subsequent treatment.
2) Open up the skin pore for deep cleaning inside.
3) Vapor penetrates into pores to soften and clean the grease, black head, make-up remnants and dirt.
4) Vapor may help skin pores release toxin.
5) Vapor may soften wrinkle for the time being.
6) Activate the blood circulation, moisten the skin, improve metabolism and renew the skin.
7) The ozonizer which sending out Ozone will effectively kill the skin bacteria, keep the skin health, soften the necrotic cell of
skin surface in order to clean easily.

1. Cold water tank is separated from hot water tank.
2. Origination of cold-hot double spraying, which separates cold spray channel from hot spray channel.
3. Use of imported parts.
4. Stainless steel heating pipe is used as hot spraying heating pipe.
5. European water level detection method is used to switch off power when no water is available.

facial steamer price

face steam machine facial steamer facial steamer wholesale



Voltage 110V/220v
Fogging Time
Hot Spray Time
Cold Box Volume
Atomization Quantity
Thermal Sprayvolume


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