XXL Cups Multifunctional Buttocks Lift And Breast Enlargement Machine

Product Model: MX-M5


XXL Cups Multifunctional Buttocks Lift And Breast Enlargement Machine

vibrating breast care massager

 Working Principle

Breast enlargement machine Cupping: automatic suction and release, with cups of different sizes to perform physical massage on breasts and buttocks, dredge meridians and promote blood circulation, solve the problem of expansion and sagging, enhance elasticity, firmness and roundness of the breast as well as promote the shape of hips.

The physical vacuum to the chest muscles, promote blood circulation, directly to breast sponge to expand and generate new cells, so that small breasts flat upright fullness within a short time. Solve breast sizes, nipple retraction, relaxation, etc. sag. Breast devices commonly used, can promote the breast blood circulation, hernia, and breast milk have a preventive role in other diseases. Strengthen women curves aesthetic, add a feminine charm. It is the need of modern women’s fashion health fitness .

buttock lift machine breast lift machine



Buttock lifting

breast enlargement 

Weight loss

Lymphatic detox

Body massage

Wrinkle removal

Elasticity increaseThe vacuum therapy butt lift works through the aplication of specialized suction cups along the patient’s buttocks, helping to correct, tone, and tighten the gluteus muscle.Treatment begin by placing the suction cups along the buttocks for a period of 30 to 45 minutes, at which time, it increases the pressure based on what the patient’s desired level of en- hancement and their tolerance.These cups are made of a transparent material that allow the terapist to visualize the effect of suction, monitor treatment, and ensure quality. The procedure is painless and should not cause any traumatic effect to the skin.


breast massage machine

Breast enlarge machine

cupping machine



breast care supplies cupping massager Magic glove

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product name
Vacuum Butt Lifting machine
Operation System
Vacuum therapy +infrared+magic glove
Product Material
ABS Plastic
Negative pressure handle
Microcurrent gloves
1 pair
Amounts of Cups
Package size


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