8 Pads Maxlipo System Cryo With EMS Cryolipolysis Fat freezing Machine

Model :  MX-C16


8 Pads Maxlipo System Cryo With EMS Cryolipolysis Fat freezing Machine


Cryo Plate Principle

Cryo plate

cryolipolysis slimming machine 8 handles

 Cryolipolysis of Maxlipo System Cryo With EMS machine is an unique non-invasive method for the selective reduction of fat cells with controlled localized cooling.This fat freezing Crystallization procedure makes fat cells under a process “apoptosis”. application deliver a great comfortable cooling treatment without oedemas



cryolipolysis slimming machine 2024

Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS), also known as neuro muscular electrical stimulation(NMES) or electromo stimulation, is a protocal that elicits a muscle contraction using electrical impulses that directly stimulate your motor neurons. The stimulation creates muscle contractions that can be quick and frequent, fat with long pauses, or contractions that are held for several seconds or minutes at a time


According to human neurology, the electronic pulse current of 600 times per minute directly acts on the muscle nerves, which can penetrate deep into the fat body,stimulate the most dense nerves, and induce muscle contractions In the state of rapid activation of fat cells,it can quickly eliminate body fat achieve a slimmer effect than traditional methods, and tighten the body curve


8 inch touch color screen The operation interface is simple and easy to understand and easy to master

15 cryolipolysis

plate cryolipolysis

EMS Cryo plate (Non-Vacuum Cryo)

cryolipolysis plates

converts the triglyceride fat into a solid by cooling techniques .Premature aging anddeath of fat cells. The fat layer has been reduced by normal metabolism,

Partially melted fat for the purpose .

Semiconductor water cycle refrigeration system,8 cooling pads

The lowest temperature can reach -10 degree



Gentle and no damage

Low skin temperature during use will not cause damage.

Easy to use

Simply secure the handle with a strap and turn on the switch, all 8 Cryo plate can work simultaneously.

Positioning accuracy

Cryo+Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS)will not cause damage to theskin.non-invasive and painless weight loss, suitable for the whole body



Can handle 8 small areas simultaneously,8 Cryo plates can work simultaneously Semiconductor water cycle refrigeration system,the lowest temperature can reach -10 degree


The cryo treatment time is 40-50 minutes after cryo treatment 15-20 minutes then turn on the ems treatment


Semiconductor water cycle refrigeration system,8 cooling pads with 8 refrigerants, the lowest temperature can reach -10 degree



8 cooling pads with 8 refrigerants,

the lowest temperature can reach -10degree, continue to work without downtime The EMS function accelerates fat metabolism

The cooling pads can work simultaneously or separately.

The output of micro electricity medical modes is in line with the principle of human bionics, which is safe and effective.

Using semiconductor water circulation cooling system,the heat dissipation system is stable.3.5L water tank.

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