755/808/1064nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Model No: MX-98


755/808/1064nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

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The basic principle of Semiconductor laser hair removal treatment is the theory of selective photothermolysis,

the machine issued 755/808/1064NM laser, 755/808/1064NM laser is easily absorbed without damaging the epidermis colored hair follicle,

the energy of light emitted can be absorbed by the hair follicle pigmentation after converted into heat, thus increasing temperature in the hair follicle,

when the temperature rises to a certain temperature, the hair follicles will be destroyed irreversible after a period of time,

the damaged follicles are Excreted with the body’s metabolism, so as to achieve permanent hair removal in 4-5 treatments.

In the meanwhile, it can also do skin rejuvenation.

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Whole body’s unwanted hair removal:

A arm hair removal

B leg hair removal

C armpit hair removal

D lip hair removal

E bikini line hair removal


hair removal diode laser

High power handle

Ultra-high power laser and short pulse width greatly improve comfort and treatment effect ensuring faster, more comfortable and more effective hair removal.

Coherent laser

Imported coherent laser, effectively guarantee the service life.

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The user-friendly intelligent and simple operation interface only needs to select the gender and skin color,then you can start using the machine with the suggested parameters

diode laser 3 waves

diode laser and pico second



808 parameters
Input power 1600W(decided by laser bar)
Output power 600/1200W(optional)
Frequency 1-10Hz
Cooling system Wind+water+TEC
power AC220V,50Hz/AC110V,60Hz
Spot size 12*10 mm
Pulse width 30-400 ms
Energy density 20-120 J/cm2
Net weight 49kg
Gross weight 72kg
Machine measurement 42*48*100CM
Package measurement 56*55*126CM

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