4D 528 Diode Lipo Laser 635nm 650nm 810nm 980nm Mitsubishi 4D Lipo Laser Machine

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4D  528 diode lipo laser 635nm 650nm 810nm 980nm mitsubishi  4d lipolaser lipo laser machine


6d lipo laser

lipo laser machine body shape


LLLT ( Low Level Laser Therapy)

4d lipolaser lipo laser machine  has been used for many years.Low level laser emits low level of laserenergy, Lipolaser treatment is based on the LLLT.

Lipolaser treatment is completely noninvasive ,safe ,have no side effect for fat loss . It penetrates into skin surface and stimulate the fat cell membranes,

changing their permeability. The fat cells reduce their overall size, and intracellular fat is .Then the fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes

and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the body’s natural metabolic functions with no harmful physiological effects,

this process is resulting in inch loss for patients. lipolaser with patient benefits of treatmentsin virtually half the time

Operation interface

mitsubishi lipo laser machine

650-980 nm dual laser lipo machine


s shape with 100mw lipo laser pads


1.The lipo laser slimming, weight loss skin tight mahcine

2.Slimming, Cellulite reduction

3.Body shaping, skin tighteen


5.Removeobstruction from channels and collaterals

6.Promote andaccelerate the body’s metabolism


1) Wavelength: Four wavelength,635nm 660nm810nm and 980nm

2) CE certificated

3) Mitsubishi made diode laser

4) stronger power, single diode laser output: 100mW

5) more diode laser, 528 pcs laser in total

6) more effective for body slimming and cellulite reduction

7) friendly operate interface, 5 language available

Technical specifications

650nm /980 nm 160 laser lipo /30 m cavitation

850nm lipo laser



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