2024 New Arrivals 4 Handles EMS Professional Muscle Stimulator Body Slimming And Muscle Building Machine


2024 New Arrivals 4 Handles EMS Professional Muscle Stimulator Body Slimming And Muscle Building Machine

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Ems professional muscle stimulator Using the most advanced High Intensity Electromagnetic Energy Technology, the motor neurons in the muscles are directly stimulated with high frequency and high magnetic force to induce the muscles to produce extreme contractions. This kind of contraction is an intensity that cannot be achieved by ordinary exercise. One treatment is equivalent to20,000 maximum muscle contractions, which ultimately incre

ases muscle mass, makes the muscles stronger and clearer.

At the same time, it can accelerate the decomposition of fat, effectively reduce the fat cells, and will not appear the phenomenon of loose skin after fat loss, helping costumers to achieve a slimmer and more athletic body contour

ems fitness machine

Fat Reduction:

Using focused magnetic resonance technology-> 100% limit muscle contraction-

> can trigger a large amount of fat decomposition-> fatty acid is broken down from triglyceride acid-> accumulate in a large amount in fat cells-> make fatty acid concentration too high> adipocyte    apoptosis-> Excreted from the body by normal metabolism within 2 -4weeks.

Therefore,  the treatment can strengthen and increase muscles while achieving the effect of reducing fat.


Muscle Building:

Use High Intensity Electromagnetic Energy Technology->stimulate nerves>continuous expansion an

d contraction of own muscles->extreme training->deep muscle remodeling->growth of  myofibrils (muscle enlargement)-> create new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia )-> To train and increase muscle density and volume.


Recent studies reported that they observed  treated patients one to two month after Hiemtsure treatments

and they have on average 16-18% increase in abdominal muscle thickness


Several recent studies using CTMRI and ultrasound evaluation shave reported approximately 21% reduction in subcutaneous fat layer in patients treated by Hiemtsure based device on their abdomen.


High intensity focused electromagnetic wave energy technology

One treatment is equivalent to 20000 maximum muscle contractions ,

and beautician can work 4 handles simultaneously,

Strong energy – up to 7 Tesla4500W output power

Ergonomic curved handle design, more in line with body curves

Improve pelvic floor muscle relaxation and rectus abdominis separation


Eliminate multiple parts of body fat,shape and enhance muscles

Non traumatic, non-invasive.comfortable and painless

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