3 Wavelength 755 808 1064 Alexandrite Diode Laser Hair Removal machine For Sale

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3 Wavelength 755 808 1064 Soprano Alexandrite Diode Laser Hair Removal Price For Sale



 Alexandrite  808nm semiconductor laser hair removal device is a high-end hair removal device, which adopts the most advanced laser
hair removal technology in the world, and is currently the best hair removal device in the beauty market.
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Product advantages

1. Laser: adopt the world’s top vertical stack laser

(1) Ultra-long service life: 10 million times of sustainable light emission;

2. Efficient and stable refrigeration system

The laser refrigeration system adopts constant temperature cooling , which can ensure the continuous operation of the whole

system 7*24 hours. The air cooling + water cooling method commonly used in the market can only work continuously for 2-3

hours .

3. The contact sapphire cooling system is adopted , and the efficient cooling conduction efficiency makes the skin more

comfortable during the treatment

4. Intelligent water temperature control system: avoid damage to the handle due to excessive water temperature.
5. The unique shape design and color matching make the product more beautiful and fashionable.

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Scope of application

Hair removal:

Effectively remove excess hair from various parts of the human body, such as armpit hair, beard, lip hair, bun, bikini
line, and body hair.

Skin rejuvenation:

Shrink pores, whiten skin.
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Technical Parameters

Light Type: Semiconductor Laser Laser Wavelength: 808nm
frequency : 1–10Hz Adjustable energy: 1-30J/ cm²
Laser power: 6bar: 600W (customizable)
Spot size: 12 × 24 mm
Operating language: English
Input power: 1600W
Screen size: 10.4 inch true color touch screen
Output mode: pulse output
Refrigeration system: semiconductor refrigeration + water cooling + air cooling constant temperature cooling
shell material:
ABS plastic + metal
Power supply voltage: AC220V; AC110V (customizable) Handle temperature: -10–5 ℃
soprano laser hair removal machine soprano titanium diode laser

Attachment list

1、2 handles
2、1 eye mask
3、Water injection funnel 1
4、1 power cord
3、Water injection funnel 1
4、1 power cord
5、1 manual
6、1 glasses
7、2 handle hangers

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