14 in 1 multifunctional facial tool beauty equipment for salon

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14 in 1 multifunctional facial tool beauty equipment for salon


facial beauty machine RU-2008 multifunction facial beauty machine

Main Functions:


Vacuum deeply makes the skin clean and remove the acne. It works to suction out the deeply embedded dirt,

grease and other impurities.


Refreshing mist used after a treatment. For a refreshing experience use with scented water or essential oils.


– Smooth wrinkles and firm the skin

– Reduce puffiness around the eyes

– Stimulate blood circulation and increase metabolism

– Whiten black spots, freckles, and aged marks

– Facilitate the absorption of skin care products

– Relaxes tensed muscles and reduce inflammation

– Improve the rate of lymph flow

– It has 2 Probes, the big one is for body ,the small one is for eyes.

4.& 5.Ozone Steamer

This fully adjustable arm moves up and down with pivot motion heats distilled water with electricity which produces

a high pressure steam. The steamer produces ozone steam for many facial procedures .

– strengthens skin tissue metabolism

– Ultraviolet rays sterilizer

– cleaning blackheads, acne, wrinkles and melanin

– Accelerates blood circulation

There will be a strong ozone smell in the obviously atomized steam.

Please choose the right way according to the customers’ skin sort.

6.& 7.Cold & Hot Hammer:

The cold treatment function is specially designed for calming down the skin after peeling. The skin is sensitive after peeling treatment,

so the cold treatment procures is necessary. The hot treatment function is designed for opening pores before cleaning

the skin and accelerating the absorption of nutrition.

– Hot surface temperature is up to 42°C.

– Cold surface temperature of the device can be down to 0°C.

– Make face skin tight, smooth and delicated.

– Enhance to help blood circulation, metabolism and relaxation.

– Strengthens collagen; Enhances elasticity.

8.Rotary Brush:

This function is to remove the dirt in the pore or remove the dead cells.What’s more,it can be use for micro-massage. It includes 5 brushes:

A. Bigger wool brush for cheek, chin and forehead.

B. Smaller wool brush for eyelids, lips and nose.

C. Large Sponge brush for sensitive skin.

D.Small Sponge brush for eyelids,lip and nose etc. sensitive skin.

E. Plaster brush for dead surface or coarse skin.

To the Scleroderma rough skin, the stratum corneum, please use SPRAY to soften the skin first;Pls clean the brushes before applying to another person.


An ultraviolet instrument that sterilizes and increases blood flow and circulation in the skin. This unit stimulates the skin, while killing bacteria. Perfect treatment for acnes.


Penetrates the skin surface through electrical current. The galvanic machine helps creams and solutions penetrate deep into the skin.

Lontoderm is used for desincrustation or deep pore cleansing and iotophoresis for product infusion into the skin.

11.Spot Removal Pen:

Sweep the pen across face to sweep off age spots/black spots/sun spots/feckles/pigments,etc. After weeping the face, please swab anti-virus salve for 2-3 days.

12.Skin Scrubber:

Removes the grease: Use Specific Ultrasonic clear up the grease and acne which blocks the pore completely, Make the skin gloss and beautiful. Acne nursing: A kind of pathological change after it is blocked that the youth small pox is the pore, Utilize and exceed and shake function frequently,But get rid of blocking and improve the sick skin.Go the aging cutin: Utilize the angle operation mode of 45, go the aging cutin with vibration, effect is obvious.Smooth the wrinkle: Utilize Specific Ultrasonic, and we activate cell of skin, smooth the wrinkle, Prevent the muscle from being relaxed.Removes the melanine: Utilize Specific Ultrasonic, go Melanin and suppressed the tyrosinase, resolve the melanin accumulate.

13.Magnifying Lamp:

  • – 5 X Dipoter/Magnification.
  • – The lens head can rotates left and right with 360 degrees and flips up and down 180 degrees.
  • – Power on and off switch.
  • – 4 Rollers Base.
  • – Convenient adjustable height.
  • – Hydraulic look, no visible springs.
  • – Some assembly required.

14.Woods Lamp:

– It is a small rectangular box shaped lamp. It can use deep violet rays to expose skin conditions that normally are not visible to naked eyes.- Different skin conditions show up in various shades of violet. For example: Dehydrated skin shows up as light violet, while for the hydrated skin, bright fluorescent violet. The Wood’s lamp can help to analyze differernt skin conditions.

galvanic  spot removal hot and cold hammer vacuum Woods lamp


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